About The Artist

As a sculptor, I can trace my interest in art back to the days when I would fetch wrenches for my dad, who was usually in some contorted position while fixing something or other-usually a car. That first appreciation for tools and how things worked was a kind of apprenticeship for wood and stone, and metal casting that was to come later in my study in Art. As a kid, the local wrecking yard owners all knew me and would turn a blind-eye towards my constant pilfering of old hood-ornaments and various other chrome objects. Now that I think of it, at current prices, that collection could probably serve as my retirement. It's no surprise that after a life-long study of Art, this early inspiration would resurface in some form or other, and apparently that is Moto-Arts.
My interest in Art started to peak in my teens and my focus was the female form-no surprise there, if you get my drift…some of my early influences were unavoidable. Swirling around me were Bikes & Hot rods, Rock N' Roll, and all other cultural phenomena of my youth that are both surprising and yet totally predictable. I even taught myself to play guitar (to get the Girls), but no- I fell in Love with Guitar.
More recently, I could usually be depended upon for showing nudes in wood and stone. To shake things up a bit, I did a bronze nude sleeping on a Corvette side-pipe and called her "Exhausted". It's universal attraction led to the creation of Moto-Arts.

About The Work
Each Moto-Arts piece is cast in aircraft aluminum and hand finished by me, then triple-plated in polished Chrome, 24k. Gold, or Black Nickel. I do my best to process each one as if it were the only one in the world. Look for new subject matter in the future and unique applications of Art to as it relates to motorcycles and cars. I always look forward to talking to all who inquire and to an extent, these conversations help to set the course of Moto-Arts in the Future.
I owe a great debt of gratitude to a number of technical people who have guided me on my way to producing these pieces. I've gone to the aircraft/aerospace industry for ideas, hardware and materials. My hidden bracket system is very unique and a great example of how technical developments can enhance the Art- simply because its hidden! All materials and components have been chosen after exhaustive consultation with people who must satisfy the highest requirements of industry. Most of all, I'm proud to be providing work that serves as a statement for enthusiasts who are looking for objects of beauty and function to further their own desire to express themselves in the world of wheels.

Bobby Pelli

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