1) Do you sell exhaust systems?
a) No. This artwork fits on your exhaust, exhaust not included.

2) How do the exhaust parts attach?
a) Moto-Arts' two-piece, aircraft stainless steel bracket system, is hidden under the piece.

3) What size pipe do they fit?
a) Anything tubular from 1 5/8" (header pipe) to 3" in diameter. For large pipe, I must be aware of the size and can custom fit to your application.

4) Will they "Blue" and discolor?
a) NO! The part is designed to "breathe" and flow air underneath. Only the bracket contacts the exhaust.

5) Can they be applied to another exhaust system?
a) Yes. Hardware is availble on "Hardware" link.

6) Can they be painted to match my bike?
a) Yes. I recommend a neutral powder-coat base, which is available, to paint to match. Custom powder coating is available- call me.

7) Can custom pieces (new artwork) be ordered?
a) Maybe. Because of viability of subject matter, and the necessary tooling, a custom piece is prohibitive unless it proves to be a popular example to put into production.

8) Can one piece be switched with another for a different look?
a) In some cases. Although all Moto-Arts exhaust pieces use the same brackets, the permanent bracket half may be positioned unfavorably for a switch to another piece. (I.e.)- All nudes usually can be switched, however normal placement of the "Flaming Raptor" bracket will not effectively position one of the nudes.

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